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Meghan’s First Snow


Meghan experienced her first “real” snow earlier this week.

Snow started falling rather quickly at my house on Wednesday afternoon.  After about an inch was on the ground, I figured we could run around and play before it got too deep.   But, when I opened the door and Meghan saw this strange white stuff coating the deck and ground, she balked.   No way she was going outside…

Eventually, I decided to just start walking away. That did it!  Determined not to be left alone, Meghan stepped outside and began exploring.

Finding her rawhide bone outside made everything better!


The next morning, however, was not so fun.  Hours of sleet and rain left an icy coating on top of the snow, making it very hard for Meghan (and me) to walk.  Eventually she figured out that by walking in my footsteps, she could keep her balance.


Since it was impossible for her to run around outside, I had to come up with indoor activities to use up her physical and mental energy.   I threw her squeaky toys down the hall for her to retrieve and we worked on some new commands.  Luckily, I had planned ahead and bought a few hula hoops and began teaching her to jump through them.   And we played a lot of her favorite game: “find me.”   I make her sit and stay on her mat, then go hide behind some doors, in the tub, or behind chairs.    As the week went on, I tried progressively harder hiding spots, but my house is small and I eventually ran out of options.

Luckily for her (and me), the sun came out yesterday and melted a lot of the snow.   Meghan was able to sit outside while I did some work transplanting seeds.


Soon we’ll be dealing with lots of mud!  Red clay paw prints everywhere…



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