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060A few weeks ago, we had several days of sub-freezing temperatures, and my fall/winter garden took quite a hit.  The only survivor is a patch of baby collards.

While I know the kale and mustard will come back once the temperatures warm up a bit, I found myself missing being able to add freshly grown greens to my meals.  It was past time to turn on the seed table!

I started off planting only lettuce and microgreens.


Next up was the spinach and turnip greens.


The seed table is starting to fill up!


Today I started a big bucket of sugar snap peas; they’re hiding from view, on the bottom shelf.

The plants in these pots and buckets won’t grow as big as those planted in a garden bed, but they’ll be fresh and tender and delicious in salads and smoothies! And hopefully tide me over until the weather’s nice enough to grow things outside.

What’s in your garden?


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We’re in line for another cold snap, so what better time to start some seeds indoors?

In the past, I used the dining room table to house my seed trays.  Using the dining room chairs, I propped up several homemade lighting structures given to me by a former gardener, and I was all set.

However this year, the dining room is off limits for pretty much all activity.  Seems one of my feral cats (I’m looking at you, Patches!) has taken the liberty of tearing apart the duct work under that room so that the heat now only warms up the crawl space.  The dining room is freezing!!!

I know that I have to fix the duct work and create a warm space for Patches that doesn’t involve my crawl space.  Unfortunately, I haven’t figured out what type of space to create, and I just don’t have the heart to take away Patches’ warm space right in the middle of winter.   So the easiest option was for me to find another place to grow my seeds.

A quick internet search on seed starting supplies sent me to Old Word Garden Farms and the article they wrote about building a seed-starting rack.   (Note that they also used their dining room table before building this structure!)

I then enlisted my woodworker friend J., who built the structure for me out of leftover wood he had from other projects.  I chose different dimensions for the shelf heights, but other than that, J. pretty much followed the plans linked above.

I have a very large dining room table, and I would stuff it full of seed trays, so I’m not sure how much extra space I gained.   But I know that I will love having a dedicated space for the seeds to grow.  And once I figure out the cat situation, I’ll actually be able to use my dining room!

Now… what to plant?

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