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I’ve always treated my pets as substitute children.  I’ve bought them treats and toys, taken them on vacation to the beach, and thrown them birthday/adoption parties.  I’ve spent more on medical care for them than I ever would for myself.  I even adorned my first dog, a golden retriever named Molly, with bandanas. Though, who could blame me for that one? Goldens and bandanas just naturally go together!

So, yes, I have been known to go a bit overboard with my pets.  But never, never, never have I actually dressed a pet.  Until now.

Yep, I’ve become that kind of dog owner.  The kind who buys clothes for her dog.    And I have to say that I’m a bit embarrassed.  After all, Meghan is no fru-fru lap dog.  She’s a 55-pound, knee-high, muscular machine.  She simply doesn’t look like the type of dog who would wear clothes.

But, let’s face it: she has very little fur.  And she goes to day camp, where she’s outside for five to seven hours in cold temperatures.  So a coat was mandatory or my little pupster would turn into a popsicle.

The first coat I bought for Meghan is a quilted blue coat that has velcro straps connecting under her neck and tummy.


The folks at doggie day camp, who are experienced in these matters, recommended this coat as a good starter.  The idea was to get her used to wearing something, then perhaps graduate to a warmer tummy-covering coat that requires some leg manipulation.  I loved that this coat came with it’s very own, perfectly sized hanger.

037What I didn’t love was picking her up from day camp after the second day of coat adornment to find the strap underneath her tummy hanging by a thread.  My neighbor B pulled out the sewing machine and performed emergency surgery.   All was well  until… the back end of her coat was torn.   The white trim now hangs loosely and the quilted stuffing is starting to come out. This is definitely not the coat to wear for rough play time!  I had to relegate it to walk wear only.

But what to wear at day camp? After a Google search and a recommendation from a cousin who also has a pit mix, I found Meghan’s second coat. The Ruffwear coat wasn’t cheap, but supposedly holds up well during rough play.   I purchased the one that is like a lined rain coat, since I figured she would need some protection from the elements.


This coat also has a nice, tight fit, so I’m thinking I can use it like a Thundershirt to have a calming effect when Meghan’s anxious.


It’s still a bit of a challenge to get her paws through the front sleeves, but once it’s on and zipped, she seems to really enjoy it.  And, judging by the muddy paw prints all over the jacket, the dogs at day camp enjoy jumping on her!







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