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Historically, fall has not been one of my favorite seasons. The main reason being that fall ushers in shorter days, and I need lots of sunlight.

But, that being said, there’s plenty to love about fall: cooling temperatures after a sweltering summer, college football (Duke is 1-0!), and beautiful foliage on the trees. All those reds, oranges and yellows brighten my mood.

But my favorite thing about fall is green — specifically, the greens that grow in my garden.

Growing a fall garden in North Carolina seems a bit counter-intuitive. In order for cool-season crops to mature, one must plant them in the blistering heat of August.

So about a month ago, I pulled out my seed packets and got to work. As is my practice, I threw out way too many seeds, figuring I could always thin the plants along the way.


The beds above, with arugula, chard and collards, are already ready to be thinned.


So are the mustard greens and lettuce above. I’m envisioning a meal of micro-greens!


The picture above is part of a bed planted two weeks ago. The cabbage is emerging, but no such luck with the spinach.


Here’s the rest of that garden bed. The kale and turnip greens are toward the back; the bald spots up front are where more chard and beets were seeded.

My soil is not the most fertile, so I’m not surprised the spinach didn’t take. But the chard normally does well. I was confused! But lately I’ve noticed Socks the cat sleeping in the front areas of that bed, squishing any seedlings that had a chance to sprout. Mystery solved!

I’ve got about 10 more beds (3x3s, 3x6s and 3x12s) to plant, so hopefully I can get more chard and spinach growing there. And hopefully I can find another, more suitable napping spot for Socks.


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