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image courtesy of Amazon

I turned 50 years old this year, and one of my goals for the year is to read 50 new books. Book number 9 was Everyone is Beautiful, by Katherine Center.

This book is about a young mother, Lanie, who moves across country so her husband can attend graduate school in Boston.  Her husband has an exciting new life, going to school and teaching.  Meanwhile, she’s at home alone, without support of friends or family, with her three young sons, two of whom are extremely active and one of whom is not yet walking.

Not long after the move to Boston, Lanie takes the boys to a park, where she meets an old high school friend, Amanda.  She also meets a woman who asks her when her baby is due.  Problem is, Lanie’s not currently pregnant!

That comment, plus the feeling that she’s losing herself to the care taking, gets Lanie to a gym.  An hour a night, after the boys are in bed, becomes her lifeline.  She’s getting her figure back slowly, but mostly she’s doing something for herself.    As the book unfolds, Lanie begins pursuing another hobby that rekindles her creative passion.

Yes, this book is about a young mother struggling to find time for her own passions while also hoping to rekindle the passion in her marriage.  However, I mostly found it to be a book about motherhood and the funny (or not-so-funny) things that young children do.  Throwing the new phone in the toilet, falling in a creek after being warned to stay away, repeating inappropriate things they’ve heard (like calling the neighbor a “mean witch.”)   I got the biggest laugh at Lanie’s oldest son, Alexander, who thinks that telling his mom she’s plump is a compliment.    Being a good mom, though, Lanie takes the comment in the spirit it was meant and doesn’t get offended.

This book provided lots of laughs and smiles, and I now have a greater appreciation for MamaNell, who also had stair-step children and no help.  However, I’m pretty sure MamaNell would have tore our hides up if we had thrown a phone in the toilet.  But that’s another story…




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