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doggie cupcake from Oliver’s Collar

I can’t believe it’s been a year since I adopted Meghan the Wonderdog!

A lot has happened in this year:  Meghan has made some new friends (including Bou, Darcy, Elvis, and Jake);  she’s learned to walk fairly nicely on a leash;  she saw her first snow; and she’s finally learned to “shake.”

Unfortunately, all has not been perfect in Meghan’s world.  Most recently,  she tore her joint capsule in her left knee, and had to have surgery a few weeks ago.   Because of her medical condition, which mostly means no running and playing for six weeks, I had to cancel the planned adoption day party with her doggie friends listed above.

Instead, Meghan’s adoption day was rather quiet.  Of course I told her how happy I was to have her and gave her a new Kong.  I also presented her with a delicious cupcake from Oliver’s Collar.

Here’s a few photos of the event.  Please note that the cupcake contained only ingredients safe for pups — definitely no chocolate!


What is that?




A treat? For me? Really?



Such concentration!


Just let me have it already!


Note that the picture of her devouring the cupcake doesn’t exist.  You’ll just have to take my word that she grabbed it in her mouth, ran into the dining room and devoured it in two bites.



Now time for a well-deserved post-treat nap.


Just a little P.S.: when I adopted Meghan last year, I was injured and had difficulty walking.  This year, she was injured.  So I look forward to next year’s adoption day, when both of us will be able to romp around painlessly!


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Here’s a short story of sweet Samantha, who had been at the shelter for a couple of months.

As you can see from the picture above, Samantha is a pretty black and brown long-haired dog. Dogs like her tend to be adopted quickly, so it was amazing to me that she had not found a home.  The volunteer coordinator surmised it was because Samantha would do best being an only dog.  Okay, I thought, surely there’s someone out there who only wants one dog?

Samantha’s kennel was near the exit where volunteers take dogs out for walks.  Every time any of us walked by, she would run the length of her kennel, looking at us as if to say “take me, too!”   And I would walk her every time I volunteered.  She was easy to walk, got a little nervous around other dogs, but one just knew that with a loving home, she’d get over her nervousness.

So here’s the great news:  Samantha finally got adopted!   And even better, I got to meet the young man who is now her proud owner.  Well, technically, his girlfriend is the owner since his landlord wouldn’t let him have a dog.  But anyway, I told him how I wasn’t supposed to get attached to the dogs, but Samantha had a piece of my heart.  (Disclaimer:  she reminds me of a mix of my dog Bailey and DaddyNell’s dog Chelsea.)  I gushed about how excited I was that he was adopting her.  I even teared up a bit.

The young man was so happy, he couldn’t contain his excitement.  Fearing she would be adopted by someone else, he rushed out of work that day to get his girlfriend to come and meet Samantha.  He had sent videos to his parents, who were charmed by her as well.  He thought she was just great and didn’t know why someone else hadn’t adopted her sooner.

“It’s because she was waiting for you,”  I said.

And I believe it. Samantha was just waiting for her perfect match, for that person who would love her as all dogs deserve to be loved.  She’s going to have a great life!  Yay for Samantha!!!

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