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Last summer, a friend of mine brought me a baby pool for my dog that he found on Freecycle. 

Meghan loves to get in the baby pools at doggie daycamp, so I quickly pulled out the hose and began filling the pool.  

It didn’t take long to discover a large crack in the bottom of the pool.  Argh!!! The pool would not hold water.

What to do?  The pool was too large to fit in my car, so I couldn’t haul it to the dump.  My friend who brought it to me did not want to take it off my hands.  I was stuck…

…until I decided to try the pool as a planter.  Maybe it would work for carrots and beets, two things that don’t grow well in my mostly clay soil.

Fast forward a year, and I’ve finally gotten my act together to create my new planter.

I placed the pool on several layers of plastic, in an area of my back yard that gets afternoon shade.  According to the seed packets, this is necessary in a hot climate like mine.  

I then cut quite a few more holes for drainage.

I then mixed up some soil, sand, compost and manure. 

I pulled out the carrots, beets and parsley demi-long.  I think I ordered that last packet by mistake, as I have no idea what it is!

Carrots are on the left, parsley demi-long in the middle, and beets on the right.

We’ll see how my pool planter works.  Meanwhile, it’s time to pull out the new, leak-free baby pool so Meghan and I can cool off.


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My niece B. posted a query on Facebook last week: was it too early to start putting up her Christmas decorations?

I’m thinking she should at least wait until after Halloween, but whatever makes her happy…

Her post did get me thinking that the holidays are just around the corner. Time to start thinking about gifts from the garden. Yes, I’ve got quite a lot of canned goods, but I’m hoping to actually keep a few for my own consumption this year!

So today I put together something different: pepper vinegar in antique cruets. I was inspired by Granny B, who used to make her own hot pepper vinegar to add a little punch of flavor to greens.

Plus, those red and green jalepenos look so festive, don’t they?

After de-seeding the peppers, I cut them into strips and put them in the cruets. Then I filled the jars with vinegar and added the stoppers.

It’ll take a few weeks to infuse the vinegar with pepper flavoring, so there will be time for me to taste test.

I hope the vinegar tastes good! There’s definitely plenty of greens to use it on.

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