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doggie cupcake from Oliver’s Collar

I can’t believe it’s been a year since I adopted Meghan the Wonderdog!

A lot has happened in this year:  Meghan has made some new friends (including Bou, Darcy, Elvis, and Jake);  she’s learned to walk fairly nicely on a leash;  she saw her first snow; and she’s finally learned to “shake.”

Unfortunately, all has not been perfect in Meghan’s world.  Most recently,  she tore her joint capsule in her left knee, and had to have surgery a few weeks ago.   Because of her medical condition, which mostly means no running and playing for six weeks, I had to cancel the planned adoption day party with her doggie friends listed above.

Instead, Meghan’s adoption day was rather quiet.  Of course I told her how happy I was to have her and gave her a new Kong.  I also presented her with a delicious cupcake from Oliver’s Collar.

Here’s a few photos of the event.  Please note that the cupcake contained only ingredients safe for pups — definitely no chocolate!


What is that?




A treat? For me? Really?



Such concentration!


Just let me have it already!


Note that the picture of her devouring the cupcake doesn’t exist.  You’ll just have to take my word that she grabbed it in her mouth, ran into the dining room and devoured it in two bites.



Now time for a well-deserved post-treat nap.


Just a little P.S.: when I adopted Meghan last year, I was injured and had difficulty walking.  This year, she was injured.  So I look forward to next year’s adoption day, when both of us will be able to romp around painlessly!


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image courtesy of Microsoft

image courtesy of Microsoft

About a month ago, I celebrated my 50th birthday.

Now, celebration is a rather broad term for what I did.  You see, I’m not much into birthdays.  But my friends told me that this was one to celebrate, and that I should do something extraordinary, like zip-line.

I said no to zip lining (at least for now) and yes to buying my plane ticket for the Camino de Santiago.   And I went out to eat with some friends.     But that still didn’t seem “enough.”  So I have spent some time thinking about how I’d like to spend my 50th year on Earth.   Here are a few things I’ve come up with:

1.  Do something that relates to my age, such as walk 10 miles for every year I’ve lived.   Ha!  That was easy – I sort of cheated on that one, since it just coincidentally worked out I would be walking the 500-mile trek to Santiago this particular year.

2.  Do 50 things that scare/stretch me.   This one could include all kinds of things, from driving in an unfamiliar city to attempting something new.   I tend to stay stuck in the familiar, and what better way to shake up life than expanding my comfort zone?

3.  Eat at 50 new restaurants.  This one might be hard to do, if I don’t count my time on the Camino.  My extended community has lots of restaurants, but I have a fairly limited diet, so finding 50 new restaurants where I could eat something other than a garden salad will be a challenge.   Plus, I tend to eat at home.

4. Cook 50 new recipes/use 50 new ingredients.   This seems like a silly goal for someone who likes to cook, but when I find a recipe I like, I tend to make it over and over and over again.

5. Read 50 books.  This one might be cheating a bit, since I do love to read.  I don’t keep track of how many books I read a year, but it might be worth noting.  And perhaps, since I’m stretching my comfort zone, I could read some genres I don’t normally read, like biographies and mysteries.

So that’s what I’ve got so far.  Any suggestions?

I plan to post how I’m doing on my 50 things list, so we’ll see how it goes.

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